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Life’s Too Short Not To Go Rogue-Sarah Palin With David Asman

Her interview with David Asman is complete, covers all the bases and straight-up from the Palin book: Clear instructions for all of our four candidates on how to handle themselves during this campaign: Don’t listen to those people who want you to say something you don’t believe in to be elected.

Click below: (Thanks to The Palin Report for the embed)

Personally, I am getting tired with FOX asking Governor Palin the same questions over and over.  Here Mr. Asman provided another stream of questions, which is refreshing and both FOX and Sarah got out of the same playbook. No matter what, FOX, Sarah won’t go off-script. She is very sharp and has an incredible patience to answer the same questions with the same enthusiasm as if asked for the first time. They are waiting for her to trip, go off-script or push her to answer in a way that can be misconstrued to make said topic relevant and get more news.

On the “LINsanity” basketball player: I  had to look him up to understand what is going on with that young man. I checked the stats for the past couple of games, and what I find interesting about Lin, is that he’s as devout Christian as Tim Tebow. Both praise God, Jesus, and people can’t get enough of them!

You know what I think? Jesus is using Lin as a vessel to continue with His work, while Tebow is in off-season.

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