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Update: How To Obtain A Maria Rosa Mystica Statue From Germany

NOTE: Fixed the main link to Italy! Click on it to visit the official Rosa Mystica web site (Italian) below. My apologies, TPE/CathCon


Due to the demand of my readers, I need to provide this update: I CAN send icons of Maria Rosa Mystica; the problem is I am in very short supply. For my friends in India, I am amazed and love the devotion to Our Blessed Mother. So, for the record, here it goes:

1-I CANNOT SEND MY ROSA MYSTICA STATUE ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD. I can only pilgrim from house to house where I live. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

2-Because I am in short demand for icons, I will take both sizes I have here and see if they can print them the same way I have them. That way I can supply icons. Please when I reach you, as soon as you can receive the icon take it to church and have it blessed. Kerala‘s YouTube videos illustrate what happens with Our Mother’s intercession.

3- I receive a bulletin via email from Montichiari and the information BELOW please write it down and place your requests THERE.

4- As of today, I have not heard nor received anything new. I guess I will press them for more items but no statues!🙂


a- I receive via email a bulletin called (in Spanish) “La Voz De Rosa Mistica”-Rosa Mystica’s voice-and all the information that you will read below is in this bulletin. This is from Italy:

b- Rosa Mystica Association – Fontanelle; Via Rampina di San Giorgio, 24- Cas. Post. 134 25018 MONTICHIARI (Brescia) Italia

c- For information we ask you to contact Fontanelle’s location – Via Madonnina Tel. +39 030 964 111 Casa di Pierina – Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 155

d- E-mail:


f- Website:

g-Bank coordinates: IBAN: IT 24 R 08676 54780 000000007722

h- c/c post. 0 07601 11200 000029691276 Poste Italiane S.p.A. – Sped. in abb. Post. – D.L. 353/2003 (conv. L. 27/02/2004 n. 46) art. 1, comma 2 /

I will personally see to it that this information will help me obtain more icons and more MRM medals and other supplies. In the meantime, I plan to take my icons to a print company and see if they can duplicate them so I can place an order and satisfy the demand. This is part of my pilgrimage, since I cannot take my statue all over the world.

If you happen to receive a Maria Rosa Mystica icon, please take it to church and have it blessed.

Thanks and I hope this helps!


How To Obtain A Maria Rosa Mystica Statue From Germany

BUMP:  Please read this piece again, and read the comments I made last night about Maria Rosa Mystica’s statues. For those that wish to have one like mine, please click here. For those that can’t wait, simply visit this link on eBay, 101 Foundation and then scroll down.

Thank you, and God Bless You!

Please spread the word!

My statue of Rosa Mystica from Germany, 18" tall

If you wish to obtain a statue of María Rosa Mystica, who appeared in Montichiari, Italy and then in Fontanelle-there is a way to do so, without travel expenses or by trial and error. I have an 18″ statue of Our Blessed Mother, and all if not most people use for pilgrimages, from house to house.

The goal: To pray for our priests and religious, to gain more faith than ever before through the love of Jesus which is the true path of Salvation. Virgin Mary wishes to help save as many souls as possible in order to avoid tribulations and repent of our sins.

(Scroll to the bottom of the post for specifics).  I need to narrate the process I went through, I want to share this knowledge with you.

Firstly, I wrote all my personal information (name, address, all the phone numbers where I could be reached, the blog, even my Twitter account!) in case they needed to contact me. Then I prayed on how to write this letter; they receive requests from all over the planet. The easiest way to do this is via fax (the fax number is at the bottom of this post).

This is not a two-week process! It took months for me to receive my statue; just when I was wondering if they got the fax; if it was misplaced, if nobody saw it-anything and everything you could think of. Only then you will receive the statue: When you least expect it.

Part of the sacramentals and pictures I received

Along with the statue, I received a LOT of sacramentals, scapulars, Holy Rosaries, post cards, even bumper stickers! I made an inventory of everything that I received; I felt better. This will help those that seek to spread the message of Our Blessed Mother-Her call to return to God and to His Son Jesus.

Inside, THERE SHOULD BE a piece of paper, where it asks for a donation. Follow everything as directed, and go ahead and send another fax if you have questions. I called, but nobody spoke either English nor Spanish.

This is the information from that piece of paper:

Opus Rosa Mystica
Horst Mehring e.V.
Postfatch 15 01 44, D – 45241 Essen, Tel. 0049 – 201-58 18 37,
Fax 0049 – 201-58 87 46
Dear friends of Rosa Mystica!
We are working exclusively on the basis of donation. For a donation of approximately ca. 170 Euro (one year ago, which equals $235.00)
we were able to send e. g. a House Madonna Rosa Mystica with sacramentals to the mission. We would be very grateful if you could help with a donation.
You can send this donation to:
Opus Rosa Mystica Horst Mehring e.V., 45277 Essen
account 222 53 – 430
BLZ 360 100 43
IBAN DE14 3601 0043 0022
In the love to Madonna Rosa Mystica we are sending you kindest regards and are united with you in our prayers.
Signed, Andreas Becker, Pastor (President)

VERY IMPORTANT: All statues that come from Germany do have a number. In case you or those that wish to receive the statue experience a miraculous healing (through prayer, not through the statue), tears of blood or oil, strong scent of roses or glitter.  Different people all over the world do have a personal experience-a grace that only Mary can grant to those that have honesty, faith, and return to a path of righteousness.

Do not hesitate to report any experiences to them-give them your statement, along with the statue number. Keep notes of wherever you take the statue; in case nothing happens don’t worry and don’t fret-She planted Her seed and those who need to get back to Our Lord Jesus Christ will pray.

God Bless You, your families and friends!

UPDATE 1: I emailed an order of sacramentals (additional supplies that were mailed with the statue) in order for me to spread Marian devotion online. THEIR FAX IS NOT WORKING.

Update 2: I am very happy to report that pilgrims from different countries will gather in Bogotá, Colombia from October 12 till the 14th. This is called “The First International Meeting Of Rosa Mystica Missionaries”. This is closed to the general public but I have the breakdown of the meetings.

As soon as I receive more supplies I will update the blog post; in the meantime drop in your requests and testimonies-I emailed them to Montichiari, and I added from my short pilgrimage here.

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