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Thank You, Angie

On Saturday I lost a good friend. One of those good friends that no matter what, she always had a positive attitude and a great outlook on life. Angie was a secretary and she always answered the phone the exact same way, no matter how she felt that day. If I answered, she let off an electric jolt and quickly asked me a ton of questions: How am I doing? How are my children doing? How’s my husband doing? I bet if I brought up the pets, she’d ask how they were doing as well. She was always concerned about my illnesses; she was an extended member of our family.

Well, that cheerful, good soul left us at 1:00 AM after a fatal stroke. I always make plans and arrangements out of my hectic schedule when I travel to go visit her at work (Angie lived outside the US). I either went by myself or brought my kids to her, because she loved my kids so much! When, where do you find a secretary that loves your kids as if they were her grandchildren? That even if I didn’t work with her nor see her, she was very caring, understanding and treat all customers with hapiness and respect?

Needless to say, it has been difficult to deal with this, and it will certainly get worse when the time comes to stop by, and look at that sign-in window, peek in and not see Angie anymore.

Angie, I want to let you know something: I love you very much; I never got the chance to tell you, but you could tell that I did because of the way you have treated all of my family. With me, distance never mattered…well, I admit we’d have had lunch together often, and go to the casino so you could teach me how to play the penny slot machines! Angie, I promise that my husband and I will go to the casino and play those penny machines, so I can think of you sitting next to us, laughing and showing me the tricks of the trade.

I feel sad that you will not watch the kids grow up, or that you will miss them on our next trip. Hopefully you will come by the office, in Spirit, all healthy and beautiful as you are so you can enjoy their growth, their achievements and their progress. I wanted to talk to you and tell you how much better I have felt recently, and to please pray for me so I keep it up and wish me luck. Now it is my turn to pray for you, thank you for your positive effect on my life, my husband’s, and the rest of my family. I bet all the patients will do the same, along with me.

Angie, will you do me a favor? Will you find my mom and give her a hug for me?

With all my love and may Jesus shines upon you,


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