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October 4 Run For The Undefeated Sarah Palin

Crayfisher posted this on their WordPress blog:

I suggested this over at c4p, and I think the readers are game for it.

October 4 is the day the  DVD release day for The Undefeated, and we are going to  make it “Run, Sarah, Run” day.

If you want Sarah Palin to run for President, then on October 4, bloggers, tweeters, facebook members, anyone with access to a keyboard, post a message that says “Run, Sarah, Run.”

Let’s see if we can make this go viral. If it does, it will scare the pants off the establishment on both sides.

Spread the word.

It will be FUN!

I am not a runner, but a jogger. Weather’s good so far on my neck of the woods, so this should be fun for the family to do-and I will get the triple treat of jogging, spend time with the family and have my ice cream.

“Undefeated?” Spectacular.

Mark Levin Talks About Blood Libel, Palin

Keep in mind that he is a Jew. On conservative talk radio, he speaks his mind, does it fiercely and with conviction and defends Palin with the same strength as Rush Limbaugh does.

Listen to both videos below:

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