CNN’s Link To Puerto Rico’s Incoming Votes

CNN has their votes’ count ahead of the SEC in Puerto Rico-although not far apart, I have no idea who is handing those numbers to them. I know that the SEC in PR is slow, but at least those are accurate.

Here’s the link to CNN’s election results. I will check back in an hour or so, since this votes come in quite fast. (sarcasm on) I want to thank Governor Luis Fortuno for his absolute bias, PR GOP machine at work and that he does owe the people of Puerto Rico a great explanation on where he got the money to prop Mitt Romney. (sarcasm off)

Marco Rubio, at least, stayed neutral because he knew the power he had in Florida just by speaking up. I wonder if Fortuno will not get the VP slot after all that hard work. This is the reason why I am not worried about a contested convention-the GOP needs to learn a lesson, and learn it the hard way. I am for ABO, but I am also for a good butt spankin’ to the GOP-this is stuff they can’t continue to get away with.

Mitt Romney may have never been to Washington, may have never been a politician but we have already a president that is learning on-the-job. Mitt Romney is not stupid, he’s warm and successful and his family is great. I do believe I have a legitimate concern on how Washington politicians will treat a newcomer who has no idea how to move and shake things up. How much experience as a Governor of MA will work in his favor as POTUS? It remains to be seen.

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