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Puerto Rico GOP Primary Count 11:00 PM


I will end my report and coverage of the Puerto Rico‘s GOP primary. Figuratively, Mitt Romney “mopped the floor” with Rick Santorum‘s English as official language in order to be part of the Union. Santorum took a huge gamble when he arrived first to the island. At least we all know how things are said and done in the GOP, which is very disheartening.

Congratulations to Mitt Romney; whether he will be the GOP nominee still remains to be seen, and we will keep an eye on the race, and see how the rest of the politicians react and behave towards this political event of events.

PR Updated 10:52 p.m. ET, Mar 18, 2012

Puerto Rico GOP Primary Results, 9 PM EST

Here are the official results from Comision Estatal de Elecciones (State Electoral Commission) as of 9:00 PM EST:

Mitt Romney                                        39, 534                               83.43%

Rick Santorum                                        3,776                                  7.97%

Newt Gingrich                                            990                                  2.09%

Buddy Roemer                                            974                                  2.06%

Fred Karger                                                 724                                     1.53%

Ron Paul                                                        551                                    1.16%

Others                                                            838                                     1.77%

TOTAL                                                      47,387

Update Of Puerto Rico’s GOP Primary

It does not change the results whatsoever, still the margin of victory is outstanding. I can’t wait for Super Tuesday for the next round of votes.

According to CNN, here are the results so far:

Mitt Romney                  25,208                  83%

Rick Santorum                 2,504                    8%

Newt Gingrich                      718                      2%

Ron Paul                                370                      1%

One commenter dropped his thought process on Rick Santorum’s strategy that I don’t buy one bit, but I wanted to throw that bone out there. He wrote the following:

“Romney won’t be the GOP nominee. I believe Santorum’s “English Only” strategy was effective. He sacrificed Puerto Rico to win in the United States. The New Progressive Party (NPP) does not know how to play chess.

Governor Fortuno Declares Romney The Winner Of The PR GOP Primary

These are the statements from Luis Fortuno, Governor of Puerto Rico, who declared his candidate of choice Mitt Romney as the winner of the Puerto Rico‘s primary vote tonight.

Below, translation from El Nuevo Dia online newspaper:

According to data provided in the electoral monitoring center with 17% of votes counted, Romney has been done with the 82.99% of the votes, followed by former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, with 8.38%, the president of the House Newt Gingrich, with 2.55%, and Texas legislator Ron Paul, with 1.83%.

Gov. Luis Fortuño was who made the official announcement of the victory of Romney, whom he thanked for showing respect “to our problems and that these are the problems of all Americans.”

“This victory shows that we are all equal,” Fortuño said.

“Now is time to unite in a single Republican Party and take the message to the nation that we are with Romney,” he added.

Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States provides 23 delegates, but three of them are “superdelegates” who are already designated in advance and can vote for whomever they choose.

This is the governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño, and the GOP national delegate on the island, Zoraida Fonalledas, Romney supporters, as well as the local president of this political group, Carlos Mendez, who plans to vote for Newt Gingrich.

If confirmed, these results upon completion of the recount, Romney would do the 20 delegates at stake in today’s vote as the law states that if one candidate accumulates the support of more than 50% of voters all the notes.

However, if none had obtained a majority, delegates have distributed proportionally among the candidates.

CNN’s Link To Puerto Rico’s Incoming Votes

CNN has their votes’ count ahead of the SEC in Puerto Rico-although not far apart, I have no idea who is handing those numbers to them. I know that the SEC in PR is slow, but at least those are accurate.

Here’s the link to CNN’s election results. I will check back in an hour or so, since this votes come in quite fast. (sarcasm on) I want to thank Governor Luis Fortuno for his absolute bias, PR GOP machine at work and that he does owe the people of Puerto Rico a great explanation on where he got the money to prop Mitt Romney. (sarcasm off)

Marco Rubio, at least, stayed neutral because he knew the power he had in Florida just by speaking up. I wonder if Fortuno will not get the VP slot after all that hard work. This is the reason why I am not worried about a contested convention-the GOP needs to learn a lesson, and learn it the hard way. I am for ABO, but I am also for a good butt spankin’ to the GOP-this is stuff they can’t continue to get away with.

Mitt Romney may have never been to Washington, may have never been a politician but we have already a president that is learning on-the-job. Mitt Romney is not stupid, he’s warm and successful and his family is great. I do believe I have a legitimate concern on how Washington politicians will treat a newcomer who has no idea how to move and shake things up. How much experience as a Governor of MA will work in his favor as POTUS? It remains to be seen.

CNN Calls It For Mitt Romney In Puerto Rico

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

With 11% of all votes, CNN called Puerto Rico‘s win for Mitt Romney at 6:45PM. Candidate Romney has won the 20+3 delegates from Puerto Rico.

If Romney gets 50% or more, he gets them all, which it seems he did.



So far, the national delegates count is as follows:

Mitt Romney 513

Rick Santorum 239

Newt Gingrich 139

Ron Paul 69


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