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Coverage Of Puerto Rico’s GOP Primary

Coat of Arms of Puertor Rico

Coat of Arms of Puerto Rico

I will cover Puerto Rico‘s GOP primary to be held this Sunday, March 18. Puerto Rico will give the winner three Super Delegates and twenty delegates. I don’t know if this is a “winner-take-all” US Territory, but five out of the six-I take that back- FIVE candidates will fly to the Island. In fact, Rick Santorum is in Puerto Rico right now.

Why six candidates, you may ask? Because there’s a candidate called Fred Karger. Ron Paul is the exception; so far there’s no plans for him to fly there, but he has his groundwork of supporters and his team.

So, there’s gonna be in the official ballot SIX candidates, and this is the order in which they will appear on the ballot: Boddy Roemer (1), Mitt Romney (2), Newt Gingrich (3), Ron Paul (4), Fred Karger (5), and Rick Santorum (6). Puerto Rico will have their own local primaries at the same time, so I expect a decent turnout for a Sunday, which I find it odd. These types of primaries are usually held on Saturdays.

The GOP team in Puerto Rico is ready for any tricks that may come from the left wing party in the island. Puerto Ricans do have an ID card to vote, and they do have to state that they are Republicans.

More to come soon. Remember: Puerto Rico can decide who the GOP candidate for President is-but cannot vote for the President in November.

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