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Watch Hannity Tonight For The Obama Tape

Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA

Sean Hannity

Drudge finally dropped the Romney love-fest and will pursue the truth. Sean Hannity, tonight (March 7, 2012) at 9 PM will release the promised, complete video that the Breitbart team has worked on for a few days, right after our friend Andrew Breitbart left us.Please, regardless of your political leaning or who is your candidate for President, watch it. We have vetted Governor Palin since 2008 and has not stopped! It’s time for Barack Obama to start his vetting process.

Let The Vetting Begin! Breitbart Releases First Tape

(Note: Edited for content)

I am a Breitbart happy warrior, and in doing so I am showing you this video that was released just an hour ago. This video is selectively edited–>so there’s more from where this came from. I am still hoping that Andrew is in a bunker somewhere, helping the process; regardless, we will do what the lamestream media never did and will not do this time around either: Show Barack Hussein Obama (Hmmph, hmmph, hmmph!) speaking at a protest rally at Harvard.

Here you go:

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