Rick Santorum’s Speech At CPAC

Here he is, the man of the hour!

I read through the blogosphere that the speech itself (or the demeanor) did not help him at all, I disagree. There’s a reason that Rick Santorum is ahead nationwide-and this speech covers part of what we need to recover this country; there must be more social conservatives among us because we need them to help with the groundwork of what the United States was and move forward. Rick Santorum’s message is simple, yet so true that is resonating in our core.

Something big is happening, something huge is building up; I can’t wait for Sarah’s speech at 4:30 PM to confirm my sentiments.

Watch below:

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I'm just a beginner blogger. Love to read the news, books and a self-confessed Fox-a-holic. I am Catholic, so my apologies!/

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