Barack Obama installs a Death Panel after all







Barack Obama installs a Death Panel after all.

Whoever reads this, it is up to you to decide in November if you agree with their decisions. Palin called it like she saw it, and now it has come to fruition whether President Obama admits it or not.

Writer Jim Cook:

It turns out that despite his protestations last year that he’d never implement “Death Panels” of elitists who decide whether or not American citizens should die, President Barack Obama has gone ahead and done just that. There is a actually a Death Panel that meets to decide whether an American citizen should die. It operates in secret without any public record. It is not accountable for its actions under the law.

ObamaCare still running smoothly and will not stop until people go to the ballot box. Obama has a bunch of people playing God, and that is not good. Not for the panel, not for the President. The poor soul will suffer and die-but Mercy will be by their deathbed.

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