Musical Chairs Game At The UN, With George Soros Controlling The Music

George Soros has too much time on his hands. He wants Benjamin Netanyahu gone, but as usual, in a way that his thumbprints are not all over the place, nor his money. Just like the Obama administration, transparency is key to how the flow of hatred towards the Jewish people and the goal to put radical Muslims in control of  a vast region, with the fresh scent of Arab Spring.

Just a tidbit from Front Page Magazine (emphasis mine). There’s way more going on under the radar for people to care. This “Hobbit” seeks to put it out there to help protect and secure Israel-not only our only true ally in the Middle East-but as a reminder that G-d is with Israel, according to The Scriptures.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

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 Netanyahu’s sharp exchange with Obama in May motivated even Democrats who weren’t in Soros’ vest pocket to find a way to force him out of office. It was no longer just fear of losing the Israeli left as their hand puppet – the American Jewish vote was in play. Replacing Netanyahu with a lefty eager to appease the terrorists would heal the split with Obama and Jewish voters.

The American and European left could provide the money and the strategy, but the Israeli left would have to do the heavy lifting to save the millions of dollars flowing their way from their foreign backers. On the Israeli side were left-wing veterans of Clinton’s successful effort to topple Netanyahu. Greenberg had been on that campaign and the plan was to do it all over again. […]

The New Israel Fund is the mothership of Israeli left-wing NGOs and it is the most threatened by donor transparency. The NIF’s 25-million-dollar annual budget is used to fund even more radical groups, some of which call for boycotting or outright destroying the State of Israel. A recent WikiLeaks report quoted the local head of NIF, Hedva Radovanitz, as saying that she expected the country to disappear and be replaced by a more “democratic” Arab state.

Inside Israel there’s already a lot of discontent to “fire” so to speak, Netanyahu. Israel did this already in 1999 with a no-confidence vote; they have a parliamentary democracy. The left is frothing at the mouth to do this again, and replace Netanyahu. Their method: An inside Egyptian model of an  “Arab Spring” inside Israel. If this image below does not freak you out, I don’t know what will.

Guillotine set up inside Tel-Aviv as a message for Netanyahu

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