Newt’s PAC Keeps Asking For More Money…Why?

Daily News cover illustrated by Ed Murawinski.

Evidence that Democrats like the front of their preferred methods of transportation.

Newt Gingrich‘s PAC called home and that was IT. If everything is going swell for him, why harass people all over the country and try to collect money through a robo-call?  This time the call was because Gingrich is establishing his “presidential exploratory committee” and wanted me to help them with a whooping $70!!! That, and help organize this state to help get more support for him.

Times are difficult and he must be getting really desperate; I thought that since he’s an “inside the beltway” candidate that he’d enjoy more privileges and backing than other candidates who do the hard work and go directly to the people, to tell them what they stand for and what they want to do for this country.

Michelle Bachmann has done a wonderful job as a fund-raiser and has topped media‘s favorite Mitt Romney. Governor Palin, while not announcing yet, has proven herself over and over she can give it as well as she can take it; and take for more than two years is more than enough. And she will continue to do so; her journalism degree is deep in her heart and she won’t stop until there’s a more balanced information in the media, instead of just making things up.

As for Newt, he has his comfort zone and has not gotten out of it to garnish more support from Republicans. He does have a mainstream media problem that Palin takes the heat of so much-from the same media-yet this is being swept under the rug. Why? Is he THE candidate the media wants against Obama, along with Romney?

T-Paw is starting to do his exploratory committee and is a no-news either. Why the silence, if he is such a bad candidate too? Mike Huckabee is coasting by, and he’s merely moving a pinkie toe. Real conservatives feel that Haley Barbour has no chance either.

As a Palinista it’s amusing watching the terror on both ends of the aisle (except Bachmann) on when and if she announces she will run for President. Governor Palin is getting hit pieces again, trying to diminish her character or attempt more damage than what Americans perceive already; with this I mean those that don’t do their homework and get their news from Dancing With The Stars, The Simpsons or the alphabet networks.

During that telephone call, I pledged over and over the telephone my support for Governor Palin *after thoughtful consideration, I said* because I believe she’s the one that can put the country in the right track, and that I wished Newt good luck in his search for the Presidency. That didn’t stop the caller for more PAC money so I had to tell the caller again with a stronger tone of voice that I support Governor Palin to be the next President of the United States. End of story.

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  1. As one of the original members of the Draft Pallin for Vice President movement in as early as 2007, I am well aware of Sarah Palin’s ability and value. I am a fan of Palin, have been, long before most people ever heard her name. That said, I do not believe that the conservative cause can built around any singe person and I fear that is exactly what Pallin fans are doing.

    And to mock Newt Gingrich for raising money, does not hep anyone. It does not help Sarah, it does not help the cause and instead, it just comes off as bitter. As for some of the other opinions in here, it is not correct to imply that all conservatives believe that Haley Barbour can’t get elected. I would also like to add that some of the most obnoxious supporters that exist in politics are Ron Paul supporters. These Pro-Pail people turn more people off to him than turn them on to him. Palin supporters would be wise to not compete with Paul supporters for the title of most obnoxious.

    And finally, I would ask that if some die hard Palin supporters continue to try to boost her fortunes by assasinating the character of all those who may be her opponents in a presidential race, who will they get behind if Palin does not even run? Or is the caise simply dead if she doesn’t?

    Palin supporters need to support their candidate with positives, not with negatives. Building a campaign on negatives is like trying to live in a house of cards.

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