Attacks Against Governor Palin Border On Anti-Semitism

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Per my earlier post, I read carefully all the past events that Jews went through by Catholic persecution and later as a useful tool for Hitler to make his case against them. The Jewish community, Israel as a country have gone through enough times and suffering; from hangings, to starvation and torture.

As a Catholic I feel ashamed by ignorance and prosecution that still goes on today from several directions. As Governor Palin states, I stand by Israel, Bibi Netanyahu and acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The past is gone; now we are living the early stages of the 21st Century and the hatred and bigotry haven’t stopped since Jesus Christ’s own sacrifice for all of us.

It is incredibly childish, distasteful and full of hatred-I dare say towards Jews, who will see this an either an attack, or an opportunity. If they decide to choose to “cast the first stone” and make statements against Governor Palin, liberals will gladly accept as part of their goal of Governor Palin’s political destruction. Liberals seek to bring back  a myth, which is now used as a metaphor. After all, liberals love to brag that Palin “was the one behind the trigger,” and not Jared Loughner. Therefore, Palin has blood on her hands by proxy.

Liberals have scrubbed off online material that may be compromising to them of extreme hatred towards Congresswoman Griffin and have been on the offensive and their extreme hatred continues to this day.

Personally, I believe it’s time to call on those on the GOP to task to stand side to side of Governor Palin, and later on the winners of their districts and states that Palin helped, campaigned for, and donated to them this past November.

It’s on time like these that you know who your friends really are. Unfortunately, that has been the family’s problem since 2008.

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I'm just a beginner blogger. Love to read the news, books and a self-confessed Fox-a-holic. I am Catholic, so my apologies!/

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  1. You almost have me convinced she didn’t make the Blood Libel remark. Or that Rep Giffords is Jewish.

  2. For clarification purposes: Yes, the AZ Congresswoman is Jewish.

  3. I think that in politics there are many opportunities and we must learn to see and think about things that happen.
    Unfortunately not always the case and what take profit of this are the opportunists and people injured.

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