Dittohead In Shock After Learning The Truth From Stacy

Hi guys,

I watched Rush yesterday and our trusty friend Stacy, (health insurance expert) that the health insurance-where she works at had the “Costa Rica Deal” figured out-gave us listeners a bad, bad future for her and the health insurance company she works at.  Stacy might quit, guys and gals!  I am so heartbroken, because the other side of the aisle will be obliged, forced, to shut down so then total government will continue with their Social Utopia.  Conservatives know full well what’s gonna be smacked down next.  Don’t have to be a psychic to figure this out.

This whole apocalypse will affect all of us (even those D’s that cheering because “they won, we lost”).   You can read what Obama has in store for them, after signing the bill.  Remember the Costa Rica incentive?  Log in to http://rushlimbaugh.com/ for the whole video or transcript of the interview.  Remember, to be a Dittohead or Megadittos you have to be a member!  It’s worth it.

Many of us who listen or watch Rush have grown quite fond of Stacy, who is very good explaining Obamacare from the perspective of the health insurance company she works at.  Paul Ryan does an amazing job as well, but keep in mind that he does that in a broader, greater scheme of things because he explains budgetary issues that affect Medicare, Medicare Advantage, private health insurance companies, and what Obamacare will do to ruin basically everything-PLUS the student loan sneak-in.  This interview clip is from Politico:

In a nutshell, Obama is ruining health insurance companies by destabilizing their regulated legal finance requirements, make them pay for preventative care (not the government) until they are financially ruined.  No matter how hard they try to keep up business, it doesn’t matter how much they raise up premiums.

Obama will use this as a tactic come next year as an “I told you so” moment so he “can take over” with Obamacare to “save the day”.  Gird your loins folks.  This will NOT be Christmas, and frankly I am getting tired of the Democrats who like to extend their hands, wanting freebies instead to work their butts out. 

Hey I am aware that, as the Spanish saying goes, “la calle está dura”, meaning things are tough out there, but uhmm, there are options, like get a temp job, look for a job farther away, try another state, change careers, partner, network, and of course if you are an illegal immigrant, apply for citizenship for starters! 

But hey-they wanted Obama to pay for their houses and cars, right?

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