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Because of circumstances such as my health and lack of time, I have decided to delete both CathCon and The Palin Express. I will browse through both blogs and collect email contacts.

I deeply apologize to my readers, this was a very difficult decision to make.



Governor Scott Walker’s Press Statement On Recall Victory

Via Fox News Insider:

The following is a press release from Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign:


Waukesha, Wis. – Governor Scott Walker won Wisconsin’s historic recall election tonight, making him the first governor in United States history to survive a recall attempt.

“This is such a tremendous victory for Wisconsin taxpayers,” said Ciara Matthews, Walker campaign communications director. “Today, Wisconsin voters have told the nation they stand with Governor Walker because he stands with them.”

Following his victory over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Walker thanked the voters for their support and focused on the future.

“Bringing our state together will take some time, but I hope to start right away,” Governor Walker said. “It is time to put our differences aside and figure out ways that we can move Wisconsin forward.”

Governor Walker also spoke about his immediate plans, saying he will meet with his cabinet tomorrow to discuss job creation measures and other actions he will take to bring Wisconsin together, encourage economic growth, and continue to address education reform.


Paging Tippi Hedren!

There are two trees near my home right now FULL of crows. To make this creepier, both bands of crows are flying in circles above several properties, including mine. My dog, who has an anti-crow agenda, already gave up in her efforts to scare them away.

Here’s the juiciest part of the film, via Wikipedia:

Following this attack, an argument erupts at a local restaurant over this strange behavior. A drunk believes the attacks are a sign of the apocalypse, but a young mother chides the man and others for scaring her children. Mrs. Bundy (Ethel Griffies), an amateur ornithologist, insists that different bird species do not flock or attack together. Despite her claim, a motorist is attacked while filling his car with gasoline; he is knocked unconscious and the gasoline continues to pump out onto the street. Another motorist, unaware he is standing in the puddle of gasoline, disregards warnings from the people in the restaurant as he lights a cigar, and drops the match on the ground, resulting in an explosion and fire. The birds attack as people pour from the diner to survey the damage, and Melanie is forced to take refuge in a phone booth. Mitch rescues her and they return to the restaurant, where the hysterical mother accuses Melanie of being the cause of the attacks. Melanie and Mitch later find Annie dead on her front porch and Cathy in tears, having witnessed Annie’s death from inside the house.

Melanie and Mitch’s family take refuge in the Brenners’ house and board up the windows. The house is attacked by the birds more viciously than ever before, and at several points they nearly manage to break in. Mitch is injured when a few birds break through a window and peck his hands. In the evening, when everyone else is asleep, Melanie hears noises from the upper floor. Not wanting to disturb Mitch, Melanie takes a flashlight and investigates. Entering a room at the top of the stairs, she finds that the birds have managed to break through the roof. They violently attack her, trapping her in the room until Mitch comes to her rescue. He and Lydia tend to her, but she is catatonic and they must get her to a hospital. A sea of birds ripple menacingly around the Brenner farm, but do not attack as the humans make their escape. The radio reports other bird attacks in nearby communities. The film concludes ambiguously, as the car slowly makes its way through seemingly infinite flocks of birds into the sunrise.

Wisconsin Primary Evening

Polls are still open (though not for long), and I am very happy and proud that the people of Wisconsin are voting in droves. More than 80 per cent of voter participation certainly proves, that:

1-The people of Wisconsin either wanna put this behind them, or
2-This recall can bring even more division, regardless of who’s the winner.

Here’s the website of Wisconsin’s state elections:

 While I am still fetching an official state recall results, what they chose to do is to share the election results via Twitter. The hashtag for their updates is @Wisconsin_GAB. More to come when the polls close at 9 PM EST-then the results will start to pour in.

Tune in to FOX Business Network for Wisconsin election updates: Governor Sarah Palin will be FOX’s contributor!

My fellow blogger KJ nailed it with this piece, where some of the best liberal columnists are turning on The Won.


Kingsjester's Blog

Mareen Dowd, Syndicated columnist appearing in the New York times, apparently has lost faith in her “messiah”.

Yesterday, she wrote in her op ed:

…The president who started off with such dazzle now seems incapable of stimulating either the economy or the voters. His campaign is offering Obama 2012 car magnets for a donation of $10; cat collars reading “I Meow for Michelle” for $12; an Obama grill spatula for $40, and discounted hoodies and T-shirts. How the mighty have fallen.

Once glowing, his press is now burning. “To a very real degree, 2008’s candidate of hope stands poised to become 2012’s candidate of fear,” John Heilemann wrote in New York magazine, noting that because Obama feels he can’t run on his record, his campaign will resort to nuking Romney.

In his new book, “A Nation of Wusses,” the Democrat Ed Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania, wonders how “the…

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Poll: Scott Walker, 54%; Tom Barrett, 42%

Time for Snoopy Dance?


Most if not all the polls in Wisconsin have Governor Scott Walker ahead of the recall candidate Tom Barrett. According to the newest poll by the organization “We Ask America” have Governor Walker with this considerable lead. Keep in mind, polls differ not only by who’s polling, but also if our friends in Wisconsin will vote and are registered Republicans.

Here are the poll results by “We Ask America(h/t C4P):

ALL VOTERS* 54% 42% 4%
WOMEN 51% 44% 5%
MEN 57% 39% 4%

*The head-to-head results were weighted to correct for over-/under-sampling of the gender and age bracket areas. The weighting changed the final results by less than one percentage point.

Rasmussen has Walker on the lead so far by only 5% (+/-3% the margin of error)

(Via Scared Monkeys): A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey shows that 50% of the state’s Likely Voters prefer Walker while 45% choose Barrett. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate and another two percent (2%) are undecided.

At The Weekly Standard, Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, found the exact same results (Walker 50%, Barrett 45%) when it polled the Wisconsin recall race in April […] but the good news for Walker is that he has an 8-point lead among independent voters.

Another polls is showing the same five percent difference, this time from St. Norbert College and Wisconsin Public Radio. It showed Barrett trailing Walker by a similar margin, 50-45 percent.

The date is set for June 5th; let the Scottmentum continue.

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